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Thank you. Still in deep need of commissions

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 2, 2015, 6:16 PM
- Update-

I want to thank you all for commission me so far. It have been a huge help in our financial crisis. Sadly its still pretty bad, intill all my pappers are set.
A reminder my commissions are still opend. Please, take a look, if you cant afford then please spread the word for us. Thank you. :hug:


When I opend up my commissions, I never told why I needed them.
But now I think it would maybe be a good idea for you guys to know.
So you can understand the situation me and my husband are going threw
right now.

Small story why I need this commission money:

I have moved from Sweden and now live in the US with my husband.
There, I agreeded to become a
American-citizen and that  costs a lot
of money
for letting me stay here in the US. ( about $3000 for paper work)
We already have those money so we are fine. But now we are very short on money we need for daily living.
My husband and I are trying to skimp as much as possible,
but now we need to ask you for help for small things
like money for food.

We dont want donations, we would feel better if you guys could commission us instead and get something back.
Im really hoping you will like the pice list I made for this. And if you cant commission, you can still support us,
by spreading the word, anywere you can think of.

Commission list:

- Lineart, single full body character $10 Hazel by AilwynRaydom
- Add a character $ 5
- Flatcolor, single full body character $15 Daina De'Lavega by AilwynRaydom
- Add a character $5
-Full color with shade/highlight, single fullbody character $20 Mara The Succubus by AilwynRaydom
- Add a character $10

Add on


-Background $10


-Paypal, send a note about more info.


Thank you for read this journal :heart:


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Submitted on
March 2, 2015